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Bank: Belfius 780-5785075-08

IBAN BE63 7805 7850 7508, BIC: GKCCBEBB

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Tax Deductibility : Your Generosity Pays Off! After all, Ayude is authorized to issue tax certificates for donations from € 40 in total per year.

The administration of Ayude is provided completely free of charge by volunteers with personal resources and materials. In this way, the support received in sponsorship money is almost entirely passed on (subject to a small deduction for unavoidable bank transfer costs) to the projects in the slums.

Monthly donations via standing order:

For € 30 per month you help us to continue to finance children from our projects sustainably (over many years). The support itself mainly provides for costs for food, medical care, school counseling and mental welfare. One-time donations: these are of course also very welcome.

  • € 40 is already sufficient for a complete treatment against the still fatal ailment tuberculosis, with an almost certain cure as a result.
  • For only half a euro you can sponsor a meal for the malnourished children.

Include Ayude in Your Will

You can of course also contact us for advice on the taxation of gifts, gifts and bequests, wills and duo legacies. Send an email for more information to ayude4anewday@gmail.com .

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